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  • Korn Shell 93 (binary distribution) (AT&T Labs-Research) - Binary and source distributions. "ast-ksh" is only the shell; "ast-base" includes additional utilities; "ast-open" adds some other open source tools
  • Metalab shell binaries for Linux (Metalab) - precompiled binaries for the most common shells, including ash, bash, csh, pdksh, rc, scsh, tcsh, zsh
  • Shell source codes (FUNET Archive) - Source code for the following shells: ash, bash, es, esh, ksh, rc, ssh, tcsh, zsh. Some versions (i.e. pdksh) are rather old
  • Tksh Homepage (Jeffery Korn) - Tksh is an TCL/TK extension to the ksh93 shell for writing graphical applications
  • ES - Extensible Shell (Soren Dayton, Paul Haahr, Byron Rakitzis) - A shell derived from the RC shell (the standard Plan9 shell)
  • RC - shell (re-implementation) (Byron Rakitzis, Tim Goodwin) - The default shell of the Plan9 operating system
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  • U/WIN (David G. Korn) - UNIX environment for Windows with many tools, including an implementation of the Korn Shell
  • Cygwin (Cygwin Solutions) - GNU development tools for Windows, including UNIX commands and shells like BASH[Update]
  • djgpp (DJ Delorie) - Port of the GNU C compiler to Windows[Update]
  • GNU utilities for Win32 (Karl M. Syring) - Ports of some UNIX utilities for WIndows; most notably ZSH[Update]
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Thanks to Brian Hiles <brian_hiles@rocketmail.com> for providing his extensive link collection.

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